The Double Date

If I wasn’t surrounded by half of our town, I would have cried. I was proud of myself. Outwardly I was keeping my composure. Inside, I was dying.when your tweens want to date

Dressed in their baseball uniforms, I watched my tweens walk toward the friends they had spotted. The boys had asked if they could go say hello. The Big Guy and I agreed…reminding them that if they misbehaved, they were marching their butts right back to our seats. I gave them the look, the one that meant I wasn’t kidding. I sat there, staring at the backs of the boys heads, wondering where the heck the time had gone. Last week they were still little boys who wouldn’t leave my side. Now they were walking away, not scared, not looking back at me.

The Big Guy and I brought the three little kids to the local minor league baseball stadium to watch a game.  It was “Little League Night” at the ballpark and the stadium was packed with local little league players and their families.  After chowing down on some ballpark food, our daughter was running around with her friends and the boys were laughing and joking with some of their teammates.  Slowly, as the minor league game went on, families were leaving. The kids were having fun, so we told them we would stay longer.

Do you know who the boys are going over to? I asked the Big Guy. No, he replied.

Wanting to know who the heck the boys were going over to hang out with, I kept watching them…

The friends turned out to be adorable, blonde, twin sisters.  As I watched from my seat, I noticed that the boys were behaving.  The Big Guy was watching the game. I nudged him and told him to look at the boys.

They look like they are flirting, I said.

OMG they ARE flirtingI said, half laughing, half having a nervous breakdown.

I no longer paid any attention to the game. I was now 100% focused on watching my two almost fourth graders on their first double date.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  I stared at these four kids, all laughing, giggling, and having the best time.  My little boys, who ten minutes earlier were goofing around and doing what little boys do, were now sitting with two little girls, acting like complete gentlemen.

Are you watching this? I asked the Big Guy. He wasn’t. Did you see that catch?  It was amazing, was his response.

Look at the boys! I said. They are on their first date.

A good hour went by before the Big Guy and I decided that it was time to get the kids home. As I approached the seats where the kids were sitting, I called the boys names.  Nothing.  They were not paying attention.  Again I called their names and no response.  The people seated around the kids were all chuckling; they had also been watching this unfolding love story.

An older couple seated near the children repeated the boys’ names for me. They finally saw me.  I said it was time to go. I felt bad that I had to break up the fun they were having with their friends.  The girls’ parents were seated on the opposite side of the kids and were laughing when I told them I was pretty sure my boys and their daughters were on a date.

The next morning I checked my email and noticed an email from one of the boys’ teachers.  She was forwarding me a picture that the girls’ parents took of the four kids.  It is the cutest picture I think I will ever have of the boys. Between the smiles on all four of their faces and the memory I will forever have as a mother watching her boys grow up, I was so appreciative that I had a picture to capture the moment.

An hour later, I realized the girls’ mother had written a caption under the picture:

 Taken last night at the baseball stadium…The boys came over and it quickly became obvious to me that my daughters were being flirted with.  After an hour of hearing the four kids laughter and the fact that each boy used Mr. and Mrs. when speaking to myself and my husband, we have agreed that when the kids turn 16, these two young men may bring the girls out on a date.  Please forward to their mom for me, as I do not have her email address and I know she will cherish this picture as much as I already do.

I don’t think any mother can receive a better compliment about any of her children. Okay. Yes, there are better compliments. For now, this is the best compliment I have ever received about these two, usually crazy, tween boys.

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    I have an almost fourth-grader and he has a major crush this last year at school, already! That was so sweet of their mother to pass that on to you… :)

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