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What is the average weight for A 10-year-old (Boys And Girls)


The average weight of 10-year-olds is a perennial source of anxiety for many parents. This article will enable you to determine the answer.

Around the age of 10, children enter a period of rapid maturation and growth known as pre-adolescence. Some men’s voices will weaken, while some women’s periods will begin.

At times, these ten-year-olds look rather mature, yet they are extremely childlike at others. Additionally, they must consider their physical health as they adjust to their new lives. These youngsters and their parents are concerned with matters such as body weight.

Learn about the typical weight of 10-year-old boys and girls and some growth-promoting advice for 10-year-old adolescents.

Average weight for a 10-year-old boy

Like 10-year-old females, 10-year-old boys weigh approximately 70.5 lb (32 kg). However, a healthy weight range for a 10-year-old boy is between 40 and 90 pounds. There is no ideal weight for them because it depends on multiple things.

Even for such young children, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. It is a reasonable starting point for determining the weight of a ten-year-old.

Remember that being overweight can cause serious health problems like gallbladder disease, heart problems, high blood pressure, and even stroke.

Being underweight, on the other hand, might be problematic since it can lead to the same types of life-threatening conditions — they emerge later.

Average weight for a 10-year-old Girl

The normal weight of a 10-year-old girl is approximately 70.5 pounds (31.9 kilograms). Girls can weigh between 53 and 102 pounds and yet be considered healthy due to the wide range of weights among children of this age.

What Weight Should a Ten-Year-Old Have?

what is the average weight for a 10 year old

A child’s growth should be consistent over the years. Some years may be greater than others, as youngsters experience ‘growth spurts,’ in which they acquire weight and height rapidly.

In general, children should gain approximately five pounds every year. According to standard development charts, by the age of ten, they will have reached a specific weight.

Healthy body weight is important, especially for such young children. It is an excellent starting point for determining how much a 10-year-old should weigh.

Being overweight can cause major health issues, including high blood pressure, heart problems, gall bladder disease, and stroke.

However, being underweight is also a problem, as it leads to the same number of life-threatening illnesses as being overweight – they develop more slowly.

Body weight percentile charts for kids

For Boys

  • 3rd: 53.3 lbs
  • 5th: 55 lbs
  • 10th: 57.8 lbs
  • 25th: 63.2 lbs
  • 50th: 70.7 lbs
  • 75th: 80.6 lbs
  • 90th: 92.5 lbs
  • 95th: 101.8 lbs
  • 97th: 108.9 lbs

For Girls

  • 3rd: 52.9 lbs
  • 5th: 54.8 lbs
  • 10th: 58.1 lbs
  • 25th: 64.3 lbs
  • 50th: 72.9 lbs
  • 75th: 83.9 lbs
  • 90th: 96.7 lbs
  • 95th: 106.2 lbs
  • 97th: 113.4 lbs

How to boost the development of a 10-year-old? 

what is the average weight for a 10 year old

At this stage in their lives, there is much more to consider than what a 10-year-old should weigh. Their physical mass is only a portion of the picture. Assist them in being as healthy as possible by also focusing on the following:


Most children can fall asleep quickly at this age, but excessive schoolwork or a desire to play with their classmates may keep them awake. Establish a regular bedtime for your child, especially on weekends, to maintain healthy sleep habits.

Health promotion

Remember that a child’s health extends beyond answering the question, “How much should a 10-year-old weigh?”

Having a robust social circle, quitting drugs and alcohol, not tolerating bullying or intimidation, not smoking, and enforcing standards on music, television, movies, and video games are only a few factors that contribute to good health. Your responsibility as a parent is to ensure that your 10-year-old child receives the necessary direction from school or family.


Most children will consume a large quantity of food at this age, but possibly not a wide variety. Encourage kids to eat more by providing a plate with a range of colorful foods, removing snacks from home, eating supper and other meals as a family, and engaging in intellectual discussion during these meals.

Just attempt to converse with your child about having a balanced diet and keep in mind that they learn by observing you – they will eat what you eat.


At this age, children explore their bodies and their capabilities. If you have not yet had “the conversation” with your child, now is the time to do so.

Please do not wait till they are older; today’s children are considerably more physically developed than their ancestors were at this age. Ensure that they comprehend sexually transmitted illnesses, pregnancy, and how the human body functions.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. What is the average weight of a 10-year-old?

Ans1. Boys typically weigh around 68 pounds (31 kg) on average, with a normal range of 57 to 100 pounds.

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2. What weight should a 10-year-old be?

Ans2. A 10-year-old will weigh between 35 kg and 40 kg

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3. How much does a 10-year-old weigh on average?

Ans3. On average, a 10-year-old child weighs between 37 and 42 kg.

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Everyone knows that every child is unique. As with everything else in life, there is a standard deviation for weight. The average weight of a ten-year-old child is approximately 70.5 pounds (approx. 32 kilograms).

There appears to be little difference in weight between 10-year-old girls and boys. Your children can be slightly above or below this range while remaining healthy. Promoting their steady growth during this age is more vital than counting them.

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